Saturday, February 4, 2012

Captain Kratom Capsules Review

Captain Amsterdam's Captain Kratom Capsules

I am here to discuss Captain Amerstdam's Captain Kratom line and their kratom capsules.  16 Kratom capsules equals about 15 grams.  Each Kratom capsules consist of  premium Thai kratom powder. The capsules are 900mg. Buy Kratom Thai Caps Here!

Prices will vary from store to store which a standard average price of about $25.  And if you want to buy Captain Kratom Capsules you mostly likely have to order some place online as I have yet to run into this in my local store  The kratom thai caps are much easier to use  not to mention easier to weight out a kratom dosage if you do not have a scale.

Pretty much the same kratom effects as the Captain Kratom Thai Powder.


  1. Using Kratom Capsules is truly the way to go, I do not see how you deal with the powder

  2. agreed mate! The captain is awesome.

  3. I am new to kratom, but i would and have recommend it to all i know. The first day i swallowed 4 at once and within 2015-30 min i was up cleaning and dancing, ended up taking @ 5 more couple hours later felt wonderful, no withdrawal symptoms from my recent opiate use and sleep like a baby.. im tring different brands now but still captian is my favorite.

  4. i agree... Captain Kratom is the strongest and best. Ive been addicted to Norcos, for 7 years and recently went to rehab and just used that to detox, but they wanted to give me suboxon an i refused to take it. I went through some narly withdrawls and after it i started takin Kratom and i wished they would use this in the rehab facilities. I may open one and see if it works. Anyone have the same views or coments...?