Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Captain Kratom 15x Standardized Kratom Review

Captain Kratom - 15X Kratom Extract

Captain Kratom is back with a 15x stronger kratom extract. This kratom powder is fifteen times stronger than regular kratom leaf.  The "Captain" uses thai kratom to make this powerful kratom extract. The powder is a nice brownish color and is very fine.  I would say it had the consistency of flour. The only thing I could think that would make Captain Kratom Extract is better if it came in easy to use kratom capsules.

The fine powder does mix better than others powders I have used. The smell of the kratom extract is very earthy, and robust.  

Since this is a kratom extract, proper kratom dosages should be applied.  The Captain's extract produces some very hitting pain relieve in the "kratom effects" category.  Duration after use reached well into the five hour mark. I would maybe recommend this to a second or third time user/experience user.  As it is a kratom extract and is much more potent.   

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  1. I plan on trying this after I get in my kratom capsules from the captain first. I will have to report back. Looking forward to both.

  2. This is not accurate. 15X extract is no where near 15 times as potent. It just means it was exctracted that many times. It's probably about twice as potent if that. Check other vendors online for details where they get the 15x from

  3. My local head shop started carrying this, so I decided to give it a try! This extract must have a very high content of 7-hydroxy-Mitrygynine as the effect is very, very powerful. I dosed at literally only 1/4 teaspoon this weighed out to 0.6 grams. I received very strong euphoric effects for 7 hours and I am a heavy daily kratom user. Proceed with caution as this is very powerful stuff not for first time users I believe. However, this extract is well worth the price for the amount of euphoria and pain relief I received.